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Bill Kraft and Isabel Picard paddleboarding at kite st croix

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Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddling is the fastest growing ocean sport. It is a no-impact sport that will give you a strong 'core' work out. It's fun, east to learn, accessable to everyone, and without a doubt, the best way to explore St. Croix from the water.

To learn to paddle surf, you need a board - these generally average between 9 and 12ft in length - and a paddle. Your instructor will outfit you with the correct board and paddle according to your height and weight. In regular surfing, you catch a wave and attempt to hop up on the board while on the wave. Not so with stand-up paddling. Because the goal is simply to stand up on the board and propel yourself forward using the paddle, flat water is a fine playing field for Stand-Up Paddlers and thereā€˜s no pressure to catch a wave. Most people are paddling in flat water after just 30 minutes. But as with any water sport, before you go it alone, be aware of your swimming ability and comfort level in the water.

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Paddleboarder riding a wave at kite st croix.
East End paddle Club all together with their sups and stand up paddleboards

The East End Paddle Club

There are many words that can describe Chenay Bay on St. Croix, but we just like to call it Paradise. The sun is always shining, the water is warm, and the perfectly aligned cliffs block the trade winds keeping our little cove perfectly flat even on the windiest of days. There is nowhere else like it on St. Croix.

We have boards for hourly, daily, and long term rentals plus so much more. Take a lesson from one of our experienced paddleboarders and you will be up and paddling around in no time.

Watersports at The East End Paddle Club | Chenay Bay

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Chenay bay has beautiful flat blue water in the usvi, united state virgin islands

Things To Do At The East End Paddle Club

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand Up paddleboard rentals

A sport for everyone. Float and get a tan, or paddle hard and break a sweat. We highly recommend taking a lesson if it is your first time. This will get you up and going much quicker so you will get the most out of your adventure. Our fleet of paddleboard rentals are top of the line models.

  • Sup Rental Rate 1 Hour - $30
  • 1 Hour with Lesson - $45
  • Half Day - $50
  • Daily - $65
  • Weekly - $250
  • 1 Hour with Personal Trainer - $70


st croix kayak rentals

Cruise around Chenay Bay in a Kayak. What could be better? Sun, salt, and a refreshing breeze. Stop by or call to reserve your Ocean Kayak rental today.

  • Kayak rental Rate - $45


st croix Snorkel equipent rentals

Snorkle through the crystal clear water of Chenay Bay. The sea floor is alive! Star fish are everywhere, and if you're lucky, you might just spot a turtle crusing through the abundant turtle grass.

  • Snorkle Gear Rental Rate - $15

SUP Yoga

group of women doing yoga on stand up paddleboards, sup yoga class

Chenay Bay provides the perfect setting for SUP Yoga... Experience the peacefulness of floating on the calm waters, listening to the meditative sounds of nature and feeling the gentle breeze on your skin.

With SUP Yoga, you step outside your comfort zone and experience a new way to practice yoga while surrounded by the calming energy of nature. With the paddleboard as your yoga mat, you will feel the subtleties of alignment in each pose, while experiencing a true core workout! These classes will leave you feeling empowered, yet deeply relaxed.

  • Any class can be modified for the beginner or intensified for the more advanced practitioners.
  • SUP Yoga classes require advanced sign up & payment.
  • We require a minimum of 4 students per class in order for a class to occur.
  • Classes subject to weather.

SUP Fitness Class

st croix fitness class, done mostly on paddleboards

This class combines the best of everything! Start with a total body warm up in the sand, then move to the water to work on your paddle skills, return to the sand for a short total body/core workout, then cool down with a bit of yoga on the boards at the end. You will leave feeling invigorated and strong! Classes held every Saturday from 8:30-9:30am

  • Any class can be modified for the beginner or intensified for the more advanced practitioners.
  • NO advanced sign up required
  • Classes subject to weather.


trimaran sitting on the beach at kite st croix.

The Hobie Trimaran is our most stable vessle and also the easiest to propel. It uses pedals, similar to riding a bike to push it through the water. This thing moves! Plenty of room for two adults. We only have one, so if you want to make sure that it's there when you arive, call us ahead of time to reserve it.

  • Trimaran Rental Rate - $65

Sunset | Full Moon Paddles

group of stand up paddleboarders out with lights, enjoying the sunset

We have Lights! There is absolutely no better way to enjoy a Caribbean Sunset than from the water. Paddle out and watch the colorful show as the sun dips down over the island of St. Croix. Call ahead to reserve so that we can know to stay open for you!

Board Storage

store you board with Kite st croix in the usvi

Tired of lugging your board back and forth from home to the beach? We have your solution. Store your board with us at the best paddle beach on St. Croix, Chenay Bay, and no more hefting it up onto the roof, scratching the paint, and cracking the rails from those annoying straps! Our facility is completely secure.

  • Storage Rate - 1 Month $30


memberships available for the east end paddle club at chenay bay st croix, Virgin islands

If you live on Island or are here for an extended period of time, come join our Stand-up Paddleboard club. With a membership, there is no need to buy an expensive board and lug it everywhere with you. Just come to the beach and use on of our high quality Boga boards and carbon fiber paddles.. We have a selection of all around, wave, and touring boards at your disposal that come in many sizes. You can start out using our large, stable boards and as you become more confident and skilled, advance to a smaller, more maneuverable and challenging board. Additionally, if you have your own board, you can store it at our beach location for only $30 a month.

  • 1 Month - $95
  • 6 Months - $500
  • 1 Year - $1000

* Call for local rate. (Valid St. Croix Drivers License required.)